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Graz, Austria, 6-10 September 2015


Deadline for submission of abstracts: 16 January 2015


Pisa, Italy, 8-12 September 2014

Download the EUROCORR 2014 programme here.

EFC Newsletter No 22
September 2014
(revision October 2014)

24 April 2014

Corrosion Awareness Day
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EFC e-Newsletter April 2014

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The EFC is a federation of over 30 societies with interests in corrosion based in twenty-five different countries within Europe and beyond. Taken together, its member societies represent the corrosion interests of more than 25,000 engineers and scientists.

Its aim is to advance the science of the corrosion and protection of materials by promoting cooperation in Europe and collaboration internationally. [ more...]

EFC Events
IX PSK Conference 2014 "State-of-the-Art Anticorrosion Technologies"
Corrosion in the town infrastructure. Protection of the concrete structures. Galvanized zinc coatings. Corrosion of the offshore structures, petrochemical and chemical industry, power generation. Architectural coatings.
Ostróda, Poland
Apr 22, 2015 - Apr 24, 2015
AETOC 2015
Ninth International Workshop on Application of Electrochemical Techniques to Organic Coatings (AETOC) 2015
Sainte Marie de Ré (Ré Island near La Rochelle), France
Apr 22, 2015 - Apr 25, 2015

EFC Courses
XIII Surface Materials and Corrossion Science and Engineering CourseNeu
The course has three pillars. The first one is to provide deep knowledge on surface properties (mechanical, corrossion and wear mainly) of metals and aloys. The second one is focused on the wide range of surface modification techniques designed to modify the surface properties. Finally the third pillar is related to the modern techniques used for surface analysis.
Madrid, Spain
Nov 24, 2014 - Dec 04, 2014
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